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The DETECT Series Provides...

updates on diagnosis, management, and treatment options for the AD community. This companion site incorporates content from live meetings and is a resource for web links, CME activities, reference literature, and resources for both patients and providers. At Med Learning Group, we hope that this educational series will offer timely and practical management and treatment information to both inform clinicians and help improve patient care and quality of life for those people living with AD.

About Detect

valuable information about the symptoms, treatment, and pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) by employing both live and online CME offerings for health care providers. Our goal is to assist in differentiating normal aging from the cognitive impairment associated with AD and to increase awareness of the benefits of an early diagnosis and the prompt initiation of treatment.

The Provider Toolkit

The information in this “Provider Toolkit” is designed to supplement your current knowledge on AD, and includes several resources such as additional reading, links to AD and neurological societies, challenges and epidemiology associated with AD, and basic information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

The Patient Toolkit

Knowing as much as possible about the disease will help you and your care team make the best decisions for you, the patient. The information contained in this “Patient Toolkit” is designed to answer several of your questions and provide education on certain aspects of the disease.

CME Activities

Provider Toolkit

Patient Toolkit

Americans Living with AD today

(Estimated) Americans Living with AD by 2050

(Estimated) Americans Dying with AD in 2015

2015 Costs of AD in the US


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